Yunus Social Business

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Yunus Social Business believes in the power of business to end poverty. Yunus Social Business partners with Grameen Research Inc to receive donations from the United States.

Yunus Social Business grows local social businesses that provide employment, education, healthcare, clean water and green energy to over 5 million people in East Africa, Latin America & India. We turn donations into sustainable investments in social businesses, which we reinvest over and over again, multiplying the impact each time. Our long-term, patient loans and hands-on growth support are delivered by our team of local professionals, allowing our social businesses to flourish.

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“A charity dollar has one life, a Social Business dollar can be invested over and over again”

Impact Water - Uganda - Tom Woollard Prof Yunus visitng Uganda -Tom Woollard Impact Water - Uganda - Tom Woollard(1) Impact Water - Uganda -Tom Woollard Spouts of Water - Uganda -Tom Woollard Ignis Careers - India CampoVivo McCain - Colombia Assobio - Brazil Green Bio Energy - Uganda -Tom Woollard Impact Water - Uganda - Tom Woollard(2) Impact Water - Uganda -Tom Woollard(2) Impact Water - Uganda -Tom Woollard(1) Moradigna - Brazil CampoVivo McCain - Colombia(3) Prof Yunus in Uganda -Tom Woollard Waste Ventures - India Prof Yunus visiting Jali Organic - Uganda -Tom Woollard